TRM Engineering operates across a wide area of activities including all aspects linked to transportation planning: from prefeasibility analysis, to the implementation of Urban Plans (PII, PL), Territorial Plans both localized and large-scale, specific interventions that have wide-ranging impact (retail centers), new public transport routes. The same rigorously methodological approach is applied to all these activities drawing on specific analyses involving the implementation of simulation models which support mobility and environmental assessments (VIA and VAS procedures).

More specifically the work carried out in recent years comes under the following categories:

Urban Mobility Plans
General Urban Traffic Plans
Parking Analysis
Studies for Retail Parks
Analysis of traffic impact on large construction sites
Cycle Path Plans
Detailed Traffic Plans
Accessibility studies for new urban structures
Feasibility studies for roadworks
Studies of issues relating to motorway corridors
Studies of traffic impact on new retail units
Feasibility analysis of new Local Public Transport routes.
Acoustic Modeling Analysis of road traffic noise
Traffic studies in relation to VIA and VAS procedures
Mobility surveys
Demand estimation procedures and techniques.
Development of Macro and Microsimulation models
3D representation of projects in an urban context
Creation of Renderings to support modeling and environmental analysis