Retail Centers

TRM Engineering acts as consultant to the major players in mid-size and mass market retailers for which it has completed over 180 assignments in recent years, ranging from accessibility analysis, to mobility studies aimed at the granting of a retail license (for the opening of new sites or expansion of existing ones).

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The main activities carried out include:
- the analysis of new sites from an accessibility viewpoint;
- the definition of best-possible plans of access to the area;
- the identification of necessary road improvement actions and preliminary assessments of the extent thereof;
- the assessment of how well the road access works;
- the sizing and accessibility analysis of loading and downloading areas for the retail outlet;
- the optimization of the layout of parking areas and internal vehicle circulation;
- the transportation analysis aimed at obtaining all the necessary authorizations with specific reference to urban plan revisions, to evaluations of environmental impact (VIA/VAS), to implementation plans and commercial licenses.

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The above-mentioned activities require specific technical support other as well as the use of procedures and applications running on various software platforms. In particular the use of macro and micro-simulation software enables the quantification of additional traffic flows to the existing network (generation model), to define the spatial distribution of private traffic demand (distribution model and modal split) to evaluate the traffic flow distribution within the network (assignment model) and to quantify the nodal impact at junctions.

Furthermore TRM Engineering has a specific analysis and evaluation software for parking areas: this application enables the evaluation of how well the internal layout works, to optimize vehicle distribution (via signaling systems) and to evaluate the functioning of internal circulation so as to avoid possible bottlenecks which may impede the outflow towards external mobility. The numerous consulting assignments completed throughout Italy in recent years has facilitated the development of an operational and methodological approach able to address and resolve any type of issue related to this field.

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