Mobility Surveys

As part of its planning activity TRM Engineering directly carries out traffic analysis and research mobility studies.

From an operational point of view, TRM Engineering performs the storing, processing and presentation of data in various formats (spreadsheet, graphs, flow diagrams displaying options etc) as well as the organization and analysis of the research material.

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For sampling studies of mobility in urban and non-urban areas it provides information such as the definition of the sampling scope, the evaluation of sampling sizes, the calculation of expansion coefficients and evaluation of expansion coefficient and evaluation of results.

To conduct its research programs la TRM Engineering has automatic traffic recorders and cameras which allow it to carry out simultaneous campaigns and to monitor wide-reaching areas of data collection.

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Though data processing the Company can represent traffic movement in terms of number of vehicles, subdivide by category (automobiles, goods vehicles, vans, motorbikes and articulated trucks), speed bands and turning maneuvers. Speed and vehicle categories may be personalized upon request by the client or in line with specific needs.

Furthermore TRM Engineering is able to record the performance characteristic of a transport network (speed, acceleration and travel time detection etc) via the use of software employing GPS technology linked to a GIS platform. This permits direct identification (with processing and presentation of data in GIS environment) of the real characteristics of vehicle outflows; the data collected also enables the fine-tuning of the simulation models (speed-flow curves, acceleration parameters, average travelling time, average distance between vehicles, numbers of stop and go, etc)