Our resources

Besides our normal software (Windows, Office, Autocad, Corel Draw, Acrobat writer, CAD Pack)

We use the following specialist software:

Cube Voyager

Macrosimulation Software for large-scale networks and large-scale research developed and marketed by a UK company. The algorithms it used are based on studies carried out in the UK.

Cube Dynasim

Ideal for optimization of urban transport routes and for analyzing in depth every junction. It is a microsimulation model.

Cube Dynasim Parking

This is a specific module ideally suited for simulating any type of parking area (large-scale retail parks or public-private transport interchange) and for analyzing in-depth the behavior of users seeking to gain access, of visibility of bottlenecks and the search for the optimal parking place. It is a Dynasim microsimulation software application.

ArcGIS 10

This is a spatial database, i.e. a database containing a dataset which represents geographic information in terms of a generic data model, and foresees the management of vector components (features), raster images, attributes, topologies, networks etc.


Macrosimulation software for large-scale transport planning developed and marketed by a German company.


Microsimulation software for road circulation which enables the evaluation of various methods of traffic management via the quantitative and qualitative description of the traffic circulation itself.


PTV Viswalk is a microscopic simulation software for pedestrian, particularly well-suited for integrated transport planning (pedestrians modelling in multimodal environments, interaction between pedestrians and motorized transport modes, modelling stations and interaction between pedestrians and public transport), for urban and construction planning, pedestrian safety planning and evacuation measures.


Software created by French company Certu-Setra used to evaluate and accurately size roundabouts.

Synchro - SimTraffic

These are two inter-agent programs marketed by Trafficware, a US company, used to carry out microsimulations. For the optimization of urban mobility networks and to analyze in-depth the details of every junction with particular reference to traffic lights. The formulas used are taken from and developed by the US company H.C.M.


Software used to dynamically analyze vehicle routes (cars, busses, articulated trucks etc). Applicable to every type of road and motorway it aims to evaluate vehicle movements at junctions, roundabouts, carparks and every type of structure. The software automatically records data relating to minimum turning maneuvers, transition curves (of trucks and trailers for heavy goods vehicles), transversal slopes, lateral friction of vehicles based on current norms and travel times

Autodesk Revit

CAD and BIM program for Windows, created by Revit Technologies Inc. Via parameterization and native 3D technology it is possible to set up the conceptualization of architecture and three-dimensional shapes. Projects may be represented and contextualized using photorealism and thereby experiment with projects before implementing them.

Civil Design

Road planning software which enables the management of various project processes (survey plans, longitudinal profiles and transversal sections) and the dynamic realization of the verifications foreseen by Italian law.

Acca Primus

Software for the creation of bills of quantities, quotations and financial budgets in the planning phase. It can also handle the development of the project during the implementation phase via the compilation of construction site accounts.