Parking analysis

TRM Engineering provides specialized consultancy in the field of planning and regulation of parking areas and mobility; offering solutions capable of improving the organization and optimization of such systems and guaranteeing improved mobility efficiency.

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TRM Engineering with its team of professionals (engineers, territorial planners etc), studies the territory, the city or the individual action and proposes the following services:
- analysis of parking occupation systems and turnover rates;
- definition of control policies and parking regulations,
- localization of new parking areas in relation to demand and compliance with the road hierarchy;
- planning and implementation of parking areas (street level parking, parking structures etc);
- study and analysis of accessibility to services and centers of attraction (retail parks, civic centers etc).

TRM Engineering provides a complete service for every type of action related to parking, from the planning phase to implementation, to assessment of work carried out and the optimization of the layout of a parking area. These various activities allow for the definition of:
- number and deployment of roadblocks;
- internal circulation;
- optimization of internal vehicle occupation (with the resulting reduction in both circulation time and in the search for a free space);
- arrangement of roadsigns and directing systems;
- number of and arrangement of access points;
- the influence of the operability of a parking area on external traffic flow.

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Furthermore TRM Engineering has a specific analysis and evaluation software for parking areas: this application enables the evaluation of how well the internal layout works, to optimize vehicle distribution (via signaling systems) and to evaluate the functioning of internal circulation so as to avoid possible bottlenecks which may impede the outflow towards external mobility. The numerous consulting assignments completed throughout Italy in recent years has facilitated the development of an operational and methodological approach able to address and resolve any type of issue related to this field.

TRM Engineering therefore provides its services to Local Authorities, Public Administration, Municipalities, train stations, private professional firms, medium/large scale retail companies etc which inevitably come forward with problems linked to traffic conditions, parking and mobility.