Technical structure

Our staff

Eng. Michele Rossi

Founder of TRM Engineering and currently Sole Director. Combines over 20 years of experience in field of Transport Planning with well-honed entrepreneurial skills, which led to him also setting up TRM Civil Design, a company specialized in infrastructure projects, where he acts as Sole Director.

Paolo Galbiati

Thanks to over a decade of experience and his self-drive he has developed a level of professionalism encompassing a wide range of skills allowing great flexibility in his project development. He is a Project Leader.

Eng. Simone Zoppellari

Eng. Roberto Vergani

Eng. Viviana Vimercati

A graduate in Civil Engineering Transportation Infrastructure, efficiently and expertly works with various simulation software programs. Specializes in micro-modelling developments with particular reference to Dynasim environment.

Dott. Ing. Eleonora Castellani

Dott. Ing. Alessandro Arena

Ing. Giovanni Durzu

ENg. Giuseppe Ciccarone

Eng. Nicolò Jordens

Eng. Francesco Calabretta

Eng. Dario Galimberti

Eng. Luca Serio

Eng. Stefano Bolettieri

Ing. Valentina Slavazzi

Sig.ra Daniela Battini

Sig.ra Angela Librace