Urban planning support

The development of a territory requires a studied interdisciplinary approach, which provides room for a global vision and subsequent sustainable and coherent development.

Urban planning instruments must take into account correlations between territory, environment and mobility via the implementation of planning actions.

Current law foresees several impact assessment instruments, which guarantee the sustainability of the choices taken. Some of these have know been institutionalized for years (e.g. Environmental Impact Assessment), whereas others have only recently been introduced into national law (Strategic Environmental Assessment). The "impact" concept describes and assesses the effects of implementation or otherwise of a given plan or project on environmental elements.

Since there exists a close correlation between territory and mobility, an key area of TRM Engineering concerns itself with the analysis and evaluation of transport aspects underlying the establishment of the key instruments of urban planning, at the varying levels of governing the territory such as: Regional Plans, Provincial Territorial Coordination Plans, PGT (Territorial Zoning Plan), Urban Implementation and Detail Plans.

Starting from the criticality analysis of the territory, evaluations in this area tend to establish correlations between forecasts of growth or settlement relocation and the adaptation of the infrastructure providing an analysis of the size and extent of the transport system required for the delivery of the Plan’s objectives.

In recent years TRM Engineering has carried out planning activities within key Urban Plans including City Life (Milan), Cascina Merlata (Milan), Santa Giulia (Milan), ex Falck Area (Sesto San Giovanni).